Heather van der Breggen Artist Statement

Making art has always been my way to connect. Time evaporates when I am absorbed in the stroke of a brush or the texture of plaster or fabric. I am fulfilled.

The process has made me think about things I never wondered about, such as what am I trying to say or what is my theme. I find that these questions present themselves as the work progresses. With each stroke or splat of paint more is exposed from within. Fluctuating from self-examining depth to random acts of play, resulting in enlightenment!

My recent work touches close to my heart, bringing back memories of the freedom I had as a child at my grandparent’s farm as well as the deep respect I have for them and their history. Pioneers bravely accepted the harshness of prairie life and openly received the beauty of the sky, harvest and community. Our provinces natural resources are abundant and we are a contender in the global market. Contributing to feeding the world, our oil, clean water and air make Weyburn a very respectable place to call home. The character of those that rely on nature for their livelihood amazes me.

Stand solid in faith.